Outstanding Cooperator

The Wood Soil and Water Conservation District is fortunate to have vendors and producers who are dedicated to the care and conservation of the local natural resources. Each year the Wood Soil and Water Conservation District recognizes a producer as an “Outstanding Cooperator” for accomplishments in the conservation of soil, water and related resources.

Congratulations to Brendyn George!

On behalf of Ag Credit, Brendyn George, of Jackson Township, is recognized at the 2013 Cooperator of the Year for the Wood Soil and Water Conservation District.

Brendyn’s farm is a family operation involving row crops and small grains. His operation includes over 19 hundred acres in Wood County. Over the years, Brendyn has installed numerous conservation structures including: surface drains, drop boxes, rock chutes and most recently, tile drainage management structures. Brendyn also utilized the district’s rental equipment on the farm for conservation practices.

Brendyn’s Best Management Practices include reduced-tillage and no-tillage practices in his farming operation. With the assistance of the USDA NRCS/FSA/ODNR CREP program, he has installed over 20 acres of CRP practices, including buffers along streams. Brendyn is also currently participating in the NRCS CSP program enrolling 11 hundred acres into Cover Crops. Brendyn’s initiatives are all on a voluntary basis and began by inquiring at the Wood SWCD office.

Past Recipients

1975   Donald Trabbic                      
1976   Mr. & Mrs. Harold Ross         
1977   Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Hillard
1978   Robert Marlow                      
1979   John & David Sponsler           
1980   Paul Sundermeier      
1981   Gail Claybaugh                       
1982   John & Philip Bresler 
1983   Lyle Shaffer & Son     
1984   Matheny Family Farms          
1985   Ronald Martin           
1986   Jacob Heilman                       
1987   Wilson Stough
1988   Tim Obermyer           
1989   Bob & Mark Drewes  
1990   David Apple
1991   Harold Weihl
1992   Charles and Brad Haas
1993   Dale Schulte
1994   Henry Baumgardner
1995   A.J. Swartz
1996   Mike Keys Family
1997   Mike Metzger
1998   Wayne & Don Young
1999   Fred & Amy Vetter
2000   Bateson Farms
2001   Dan Wilson
2002   Hertzfeld Farms Inc.
2003   Schuerman Family Farm
2004   Bittersweet Farms
2005   Ken Rider-Rider Landing
2008   Jonathan Haines
2009   Robert Swartz
2010   Dan Frobose
2011   Bern Foos Family Farm
2012   Ken Stearns & Sons
2013 Brendyn George

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