Farm Beautification Award

The late Harold and Iva Lou Bordner established the Farm Beautification Award in 1975 with the cooperation of the Wood Soil and Water Conservation District. The award is designed to encourage farmers’ pride in their farmsteads. Wood SWCD carries on the tradition of the award to recognize the importance and beauty of maintaining a farmstead.

Anyone may nominate a Wood County farm owned by a working or retired farmer for this award. The deadline is August 15th of each year. Ideal nominees have well-maintained buildings, a tidy lawn and landscaping, windbreaks, no unnecessary equipment, and should have a pleasing overall appearance.

The winning farmstead will be recognized at the Wood SWCD Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet.

Congratulations to Dan and Jan Wilson!

The 2016 Farm Beautification Award is presented to Dan and Jan Wilson of Rudolph. For nearly 130 years the Potter farmstead is the place the family has called home. Dan’s great-grandfather, Clarence Potter, purchased the house and surrounding land in 1889 and continued to build the family farm for livestock and grain production. The larger remaining outbuilding is one of two 3 story buildings used to store straw and hay. An intricate trolley system made it possible to stack the barn full. The smaller remaining outbuilding is known as the playhouse. It has been relocated multiple times on the property through the years with one spot being near the road so the children had a place to wait for the bus out of the weather. Modern improvements and additions to the home and property were done with care as to always welcome the extended family home for holidays and celebrations. A new, more efficient barn stands in the place of the original gambrel roof barn which blew down in a severe storm along with a few of the maple trees. The great oaks greeting each visitor are at the entrance of the drive are original to the farm. The stand of maple trees and spirea were planted in the 1940’s. Dan and Jan moved to the farmstead in 1991 and continued to raise their family and build the family farm. Dan is the 4th generation to farm and plans are in place for the next generation to continue the tradition.

Past Recipients

1975   Charles Luman
1976   Jim Bostdorff
1977   Luther Kemner
1978   Henry Baumgardner
1979   Kenneth Aring
1980   Dean Sautter
1981   Donavon Bower
1982   Danny Roe
1983   Jim Finney
1984   Clifford Asmus
1985   Mrs. Lila Wenig
1986   Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Shaffer
1987   Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kazmaier
1988   Paul Adams
1989   Mr. & Mrs. Wally Wagner
1990   Mr. & Mrs. James Schmit
1991   Mr. & Mrs. Henry Zaborniak
1992   Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Reitzel
1993   Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Buchman
1994   Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Hamond
1995   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Drewes
1996   Mr. & Mrs. James Wolf         
1997   Mr. & Mrs. Don Beaverson
1998   Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lewallen
1999   Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hoiles
2000   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Boucher
2001   John Young Farm
2002   Robert & Maribeth Moser
2003   Dale & Kristel Asmus
2004   Robert & Regina Dibling
2005   Richard & Eleanor Deutschman
2006   John & Denise Russell
2008   James & Gayleen Smith
2009   Gary & Marlene Reynolds
2010   Brendyn & Karen George
2011   Ron & Barb Snyder
2012   Lon & Trina Karns
2013   Doug & Mary Ellen Pratt
2014 Nathan & Jennifer Foos
2015 Stanley & Lisa Wilhelm
2016 Dan & Jan Wilson

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